Achieving Autonomous Analytic Capabilities With Integrated Security

Wednesday, May 25th

Conference Room

About the Session

By leveraging data fusion and correlation, modern security command and control systems hosted on edge devices and servers can receive detections and tracks from a variety of sensors such as motion analytics, radars and fence, ground and subterranean sensors. Autonomous commanding of cameras and dispatching unmanned aerial systems and unmanned ground vehicles to go “inspect” the detected targets to automatically verify is key to efficient and cost-effective operation with minimal operator involvement. This robust approach also combines geospatial video analytics with artificial intelligence/deep learning and radar tracks to disambiguate the objects of interest.

Continuous validation of the confidence level of the system through robust ground truth regression testing can eliminate nearly all nuisance alarms while maintaining a very high detection rate. In addition, integration of the Android Team Awareness Kit is becoming a dramatic force multiplier by providing the common operational picture in the hands of government agents and security personnel.

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