Digital Strategy: Future-Proof Security, Safety and Data Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation

Thursday, June 4th

About the Session


Security, safety and data privacy have traditionally been addressed in disconnected way across many systems and organizational silos, resulting in unmanageable complexity, overlaps, inefficiency, cost and risk. This session explores how Identity is becoming the way to manage convergence across all areas of an organization to ensure compliance, mitigate risk and enhance security.

This session will also cover how emerging trends like cloud, the Internet of Things and digital transformation can be leveraged to address this huge problem and how forward-looking organizations are trail blazing the path to achieve their vision of future proofing security, safety, data privacy and making security a true business enabler, including:

  • A reference design that government agencies and programs can use to increase security and efficiency in managing access to their interconnected devices and facilities
  • How a converged identity and access management (IdAM) system allows rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of access from a centralized platform, so utility personnel can spend more time on other critical tasks
  • How these reference designs can help improve a government agencies and programs security posture by tracking and auditing access requests and other IdAM activity across all networks

Presented By

Jasvir Gill
Senior Manager, Information Security
Entergy Corporation

SIA GovSummit 2021

June 8-9, 2021 | Washington, D.C.