Facial Recognition Has Arrived – Emerging Applications and Policy Developments

Monday, June 1st

About the Session


After three years of astonishing innovation, facial recognition is powering a vast array of emerging government use cases, especially on-edge 1:1 verification and 1:N search, security surveillance and powerful law enforcement, military, border control, critical infrastructure, air travel and school safety solutions. Simultaneously, despite U.S. law enforcement's 20+ year operating history of rudimentary technology without any example of a mistaken arrest or imprisonment, facial recognition faces public outcry and concern around government use of the technology, particularly with respect to overall accuracy, racial bias concerns and potential omnipresent real-time mass surveillance.

This session will explore the current state of the science and emerging real-world government applications, focusing on how today's tiny template sizes, fast enrollment speeds and highly accurate algorithms were developed and are now revolutionizing applications relating to identity, safety, security and convenience. Also discussed will be appropriate regulatory limitations on use by law enforcement, in commercial application and by government users broadly, and the productive role industry can play policy development. Properly guided, facial recognition can create a safer, better place for everyone.

Presented By

David Ray
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel
Rank One Computing

SIA GovSummit 2021

June 8-9, 2021 | Washington, D.C.