Future-Proofing Against Cyber-Physical Threats to the Government Sector: Quantum Computing, Zero Trust and More

Tuesday, May 16th


About the Session

This session will explore trends in current and expected future cybersecurity requirements affecting security systems. In support of key federal initiatives like zero trust, digital transformation, software modernization and DevSecOps, the speed and increase of new applications and services delivered in agile and extensible cloud-hosted environments forces government security professional security professionals to transform and modernize approaches to key processes and approach to activities such as implementation, monitoring and authorization of applications and services in the cloud.

Looking ahead of the curve, President Biden’s National Security Memorandum outlines plans to address the risks posed by quantum computers to America’s cybersecurity, data, digital assets and more. In the not-too-distant future, quantum computers with a sufficient sophistication level will break much of the cryptography that currently secures our digital data and transactions, including identity management solutions. This course of events will present a new challenge of implementing quantum-safe identity credentials and protocols.

Presented By

William Knehr headshot
Senior Manager of Information Security and Data Privacy
i-PRO Americas, Inc.
Mark Weatherford headshot
Chief Security Officer
Teresa Wu headshot
Vice President, Smart Credentials