Security Convergence: Achieving Integrated Security

Tuesday, May 24th


About the Session

Convergence is no longer something to aim for it is a strategic imperative. Today’s threats include hybrid attacks targeting both physical and cyber assets.  Advancements in technology and the integration of the Internet of Things into security operations and business processes have connected individual security devices and operational technology to the vast virtual ecosystem, expanding the potential attack surface of facilities and making traditional physical security and safety systems more vulnerable.

Providing reliable security for organizational assets presents numerous challenges for the security professional. Unfortunately, in many organizations, security is often controlled by separate authorities, resulting in a siloed approach to security. When organizational elements operate independently with minimal or no collaboration, the organization’s overall security is reduced.

This session will touch on the challenges of security convergence before providing an in-depth set of solutions and their associated long-term benefits, with a special emphasis on the recent Interagency Security Committee publication Security Convergence: Achieving Integrated Security: An Interagency Security Committee Best Practice.

Presented By

Scott Dunford headshot
Senior Security Specialist, Interagency Security Committee
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency