Seeing Inside Objects – New Approaches to Noninvasive Security Screening

Tuesday, May 24th


About the Session

Physical goods and mail remain one of the largest security gaps facing government organizations and corporations alike. In a world where every person walking into a facility undergoes multiple levels of access control and security screening and every email is scanned for cyber threats, it is surprising how little effective screening is applied to mail and other physical deliveries entering facilities.

This session will cover new and emerging threats facing corporations and government organizations, including the growing convergence of physical and cyber threats, along with an overview of current and new security screening technologies making it easier than ever to effectively scan incoming items and detect potential threats to mitigate these risks.

Specific topics covered will include government and public-source data describing the type and prevalence of physical threats facing organizations; fundamentals of noninvasive imaging systems; new technologies and developments including X-ray, T-ray, infrared, radar, and related technologies; and real-world examples and practical applications.

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