Ajay Amlani

President and Head of Americas



“That’s Not Me”: The Threat Presented by Generative AI Tools for Federal Remote Identity Verification Systems

Tuesday, May 21st

Defrauding government benefits programs has become a humanitarian issue whereby well-intended funds are consistently lost to bad actors – and the scale is staggering. Without a more risk-based approach, the levels of criminal activity focused on defrauding public assistance programs will only increase. Criminals are now equipped with the technology and tools to plunder public sector benefits at scale systematically. In addition, the Federal Reserve and other agencies have been very public in stating that identity fraud is often used to fund other criminal activity and even state-sponsored terrorism.

This session covers:

  • The challenge of ensuring that someone is who they claim to be remotely
  • The fast pace of generative AI-based technologies and how they threaten remote identity verification systems
  • How many traditional security methods cannot counter the scale and complexity of modern fraud have become easy to circumvent by cybercriminals
  • How face verification is the most robust method of authenticating a user identity online
  • The importance of delivering a solution that transcends biases and provides an inclusive and equitable authentication experience for users of all skin tones and ages