Alon Blankstein

Alon Blankstein


InSight Acoustics

Mr. Blankstein, the chairman of Insight Acoustics, is a multi-discipline veteran executive with over 25 years in the electronic security (physical and cyber) industry and strong domain experience in market segments like audio surveillance (Insight Acoustics), video surveillance (MATE Intelligent Video and MangoDSP), smart access control (Jogan Thermal Checkpoints & SDS Technologies) and cybersecurity (MultiPoint, Karamba Security).


The Future of Audio Surveillance Technology in Law Enforcement and Security Systems

Wednesday, June 3rd


The use of audio analytics along with video can provide faster comprehension of what is happening during a security incident, better and faster decision making, reduced false alarms and the ability reexamine the scene both by viewing video and listening to what happened.

In many situations, a security team has difficulty interpreting the scene they are observing. Audio in many cases can help bridge that gap providing actionable metadata in both real-time and forensic analysis to better understand the observed scenarios. The current state and future prospects of these technologies will be discussed:

  • Sound detection like gunshots, breaking glass, door slamming and more
  • Keyword detection – to identify violent behavior
  • Voice analysis – to identify people under duress like panic, crying, shouting