Anna Mansueti

Anna Mansueti

Director of Diversity and Gender Equity

Platinum East

Ms. Anna Mansueti is the director of diversity and gender equity at Platinum East, a disabled American veteran-founded nonprofit organization dedicated to removing explosive remnants of war from rivers, waterways and oceans around the world. In her role, Ms. Mansueti is responsible for developing and integrating a holistic approach to increase gender inclusivity within the Platinum East organization. She is committed to an intersectional approach that advances both gender equality and the empowerment of women. Prior to joining Platinum East, Ms. Mansueti served in the U.S. Navy as an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officer, where she commanded EOD platoons in Europe and the South Pacific. As a platoon commander, Ms. Mansueti coordinated, planned and executed the disposal of tens of thousands of pounds of unexploded ordnance.


The Nashville 2020 Attack on Critical Infrastructure: From Specifics to Implications

Wednesday, April 28th

On Christmas Day 2020, an RV parked outside of an AT&T transmission center exploded in a suicidal and conspiracy-fueled act of targeted violence, damaging over 40 buildings and injuring at least eight local residents. The bombing and the second-order impacts led to cell service disruptions in at least three states, as well as internet disruptions.

In this session, practitioners and researchers will discuss the specifics of the high-explosive attack, contextualize the Nashville bombing with Global Terrorism Database data on the use of explosives in terrorism attacks historically and discuss the broader resilience-related implications of an explosive device when used against critical infrastructure in residential and business districts.