Casey Mayfield headshot

Casey Mayfield

Senior Vice President, Justice and Public Safety


Casey Mayfield, a 2023 SIA Women in Biometrics Awards honoree, leads IDEMIA’s Justice and Public Safety division, which delivers the company’s state and local hardware, software and Criminal Justice Information Services- (CJIS-)compliant solutions for criminal justice, law enforcement and enrollment services customers throughout the United States and Canada. Previously, she oversaw the enrollment operations team supporting over 25 state, federal and commercial programs, including the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) Transportation Worker Identification Credential, hazardous materials, Flight Training Security Program and TSA PreCheck, along with managing the successful deployment of multiple statewide and agency-specific enrollment programs.

Mayfield has humble roots in IDEMIA, starting her career with a subsidiary of Identix, Inc. in an entry-level position, as a fingerprint technician providing enrollment services to customers in the state of Illinois. She is a charter member of the Customer Advisory Board, organized in collaboration with FBI Compact Council initiatives, and serves as the business line leader for the Executive User Board. She is also a member of the Women In Idemia network, in addition to numerous industry advocacy groups.

Mayfield holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Illinois Springfield. She is a former emergency medical technician and professional in human resources.


The New Era of Biometrics for the Government Sector: Presented by the SIA Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board

Tuesday, May 16th

Biometric technologies are a commonplace means to identify people. Using fingerprint and facial recognition to access iPhones and other electronic devices are the most common biometric device in the public domain. Touchless biometrics will increasingly be used as a means to identify legitimate users of services. As use expands, the issue of “bias” has been addressed by the industry. As artificial intelligence-driven technologies mature, the industry will need to address additional challenges.