Chris Holt headshot

Chris Holt

Chief Executive Officer

CHC Global

Chris Holt is a senior executive with over 25 years’ experience across the public and private sectors, advising companies and insurers on how to understand and manage the risks posed by terrorism and other malicious acts, including kidnap for ransom and political risks. With an interest in employing technology to better manage and transfer extraordinary risks, Holt led the conception and development of a number of award-winning systems. He is also a committed supporter of veteran’s charities, in particular the Lloyd’s and City of London branch of the Royal British Legion.


Data-Based Decision Making for Securing and Protection of Facilities and Installations

Wednesday, May 25th

Threats associated with acts of terrorism or criminality are of great concern for utilities, commercial buildings, infrastructure sites and campuses of all kinds.  The assessment of threats and risks should be both very practical (establishing vulnerability and mitigation measures) and quantifiable. This session will look specifically at what data is actually available for professionals and end users to consider when setting guidelines for threat, risk and vulnerability assessments for specific sites in specific locations and how that data can be accessed and employed.