Dale Gigandet

Director of Strategic Programs

Allied Universal Technology Services


Mass Shootings and Active Shooter Incidents – Using Gun/Gunshot Detection Technologies to Improve Response Time, Communication and Incident Management

Tuesday, May 21st

Unfortunately, and tragically, active shooter incidents and mass shootings continue to increase year over year with no end in sight. Widespread efforts have been made by individuals and organizations to combat this frightening trend, but more needs to be done. We have laws and regulations for gun ownership, active shooter education and training, and security technologies to deter, detect, delay and deny an active shooter from committing an act of gun violence.

This presentation will discuss the terminology and statistics used to describe mass shootings and active shooter incidents, key features and operating characteristics of gunshot and gun detection technologies used to improve response time and communication during an active shooter incident and how we can further advance laws and regulations to help reduce the impact from these senseless acts of gun violence.