Dave McCarthy

Program Manager, Government Relations

Axis Communications


Navigating Supply Chain Challenges, Grant Funding and Procurement Rules Impacting Electronic Security Products

Tuesday, May 21st

For the last 40 years, globalization and worldwide supply chains have been a major priority across industries and have dominated economic trends; however, a drive for greater domestic industrial bases coupled with post-COVID-19 pandemic effects causing supply change challenges is quickly changing that economic model. The speed with which supply chains are being reoriented, both domestically and internationally, is profound and it is important to stay on top of the changes.

Within the U.S., we are increasingly seeing both political parties support efforts meant to bolster “reshoring,” “onshoring,” “deglobalization” or “Buy America.” For businesses seeking to partner with federal, state and local governments ensuring “Buy America” compliance is becoming necessary, though sometimes complicated and arduous task. This session will examine the impacts new Buy America provisions are having on government procurement, how compliance issues are being addressed, the best way to navigate these requirements and how Buy America will change supply chains in the coming years.