Jeffrey Friedman headshot

Jeffrey Friedman

Chief Executive Officer

Building Intelligence

Jeff Friedman, the CEO of Building Intelligence Inc. and a former real estate attorney with web-based application development skills, leads a team of passionate and brilliant inventors and business leaders delivering cloud-based solutions to the security and real estate industry.

After working for several years developing solutions for facility operations and security teams, Building Intelligence introduced a new suite of products that incorporate several requirements for running some of the best buildings in the world. With a wide variety of industry knowledge, Friedman is able to apply his unique set of skills to the convergence of security and facility management particularly in how it applies to risk, operations and asset management.

Well versed in security and technology solutions,  Friedman is both an innovator and leader in the security industry as well as facility management. One of the original developers of the first web-based facility management solution and cloud-based visitor management, he has served as an expert in security deployments throughout many of the high-profile buildings throughout New York City.


Data-Based Decision Making for Securing and Protection of Facilities and Installations

Wednesday, May 25th

Threats associated with acts of terrorism or criminality are of great concern for utilities, commercial buildings, infrastructure sites and campuses of all kinds.  The assessment of threats and risks should be both very practical (establishing vulnerability and mitigation measures) and quantifiable. This session will look specifically at what data is actually available for professionals and end users to consider when setting guidelines for threat, risk and vulnerability assessments for specific sites in specific locations and how that data can be accessed and employed.