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Jeffrey Starr

Chief Marketing Officer

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Safeguarding Sensitive Environments in the Era of the Hostile Drone Threat

Wednesday, May 22nd

While uncrewed systems offer tremendous benefits, they also pose security risks across various sectors including military, homeland security, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, borders, VIP protection and maritime operations. There is a critical need for technologies to address these challenges but also secure our drone-powered society. Detection and mitigation technologies rooted in military strategies may prove inadequate in sensitive civilian environments, leading to disruptions and potential collateral damage. This presentation will delve into the complexities of countering threats. It will also serve as an opportunity to advocate for counter-UAS measures that cater to the specific requirements of multiple sectors while ensuring operational flexibility and continuity and will discuss some of the recent legislative proposals making greater use of these measures possible in the United States, such as the Safeguarding the Homeland from the Threats Posed by Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act.