Leire Arbona Puértolas - Veridas 2024

Leire Arbona Puértolas

Legal and Compliance Director


Leire Arbona Puértolas has established herself as a leading expert in biometric identity verification and data protection laws since joining Veridas in 2017. She is instrumental in guiding the company’s compliance with international regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation or Artificial Intelligence Act in Europe, or the California Consumer Privacy Act in the United States, contributing to Veridas becoming a model for compliance and innovation in digital identity services, influencing industry standards and practices worldwide. Arbona Puértolas’ efforts extend beyond corporate compliance; she actively contributes to the legislative process in various countries, advising on laws that shape the future of digital identity verification. She has played a crucial role in legislative developments in Spain and the European Union, and her expertise is frequently sought in international forums on privacy, biometrics and identity management. Arbona Puértolas holds dual degrees in law and business administration from Navarra Public University, Spain, bringing a unique blend of legal insight and business acumen to her role at Veridas. Furthermore, she firmly believes in the necessity of deep technical knowledge to create coherent and updated laws. Arbona Puértolas’ visionary approach drives Veridas’ compliance strategy and enhances its global mission to deliver secure, private and reliable identity verification solutions.


AI, Privacy, Regulation, Public Sentiment and Their Dynamic Influence on Security in Europe and the U.S.

Wednesday, May 22nd

This presentation will navigate European artificial intelligence (AI) and data privacy regulations and U.S. approaches so far, with a focus on implications for the security practitioners and the industry, particularly in deploying biometric technologies. The potential intersection between European and U.S. frameworks will be highlighted to help understand the evolving regulatory landscape, identifying challenges and opportunities for responsible AI deployment globally, where concern about data privacy, compliance and AI are the pressing issues of our time.