Michael Chiocca headshot

Michael Chiocca

Customer Success Manager, Public Sector


Michael Chiocca is the customer success manager for Genetec’s public sector team. Prior to joining Genetec, he spent over 30 years as a law enforcement professional, and he was instrumental in the creation of the Chicago Police Department’s digital forensic capability. An avid public speaker and trainer on the use of technology to aid investigations, Chiocca is a renowned expert in the digital forensic industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in public safety management from the Calumet College of St. Joseph.


Leveraging the Growth in Video Data to Support Your Mission

Tuesday, September 21st

The exponential growth of devices that can capture video evidence has presented a need for new tools that can handle the increased size, complexity and variety of data.

With the right technology, government agencies can empower their teams to be faster and more effective at detecting and diffusing incidents while complying with evolving standards. For example, video is a valuable tool to help investigators review events and solve crimes. However, the increase in digital evidence captured by surveillance systems, body-worn cameras and the public also presents new challenges to the investigation process. As a solution, digital evidence management systems can facilitate collaboration among government agencies, help enhance police transparency, improve efficiency in security departments and coordinate with the public to help investigators close cases faster.

This session will provide insights from federal, state and local government evidence management case studies, highlight the role that technology plays in public-private partnerships and delve into how to manage and share sensor data from across agencies.