Michael Matranga headshot

Michael Matranga

Chief Executive Officer

M6 Global

Michael Matranga is committed to providing the best solutions in security. His strategies include utilizing technology and research-based tactics, as well as creating foundations of emotional intelligence within communities. Matranga and his team at M6 Global have set the gold standard in providing holistic security solutions and are known for their collaborative efforts with partners at the local, state and federal levels.


Using Government Standards and Best Practices to Secure Our Schools

Tuesday, May 24th

School districts have been subject to stand-alone access control security platforms for decades, primarily due to past budget, resource and management constraints. In order to capitalize on security operations that can manage risk across an entire school district, security directors now require open architecture, flexible and scalable security command and control operating systems that are a generation beyond current stand-alone door access and campus video solutions. They must “Think Legos” when establishing a district-wide security platform that can overcome the limitations of past industry offerings, by unifying systems and programs.

A unified platform delivers full-spectrum views of the entire district’s comprehensive security picture – for the fastest situational analysis and response by administrators, school resource officers and school-based law enforcement. It empowers automated response capabilities and “management by exception” for a solution that requires a fraction of the staff normally needed to monitor security. Seamless unification allows the system to accommodate new technology advances that bring together every district department and extend the life of the system for maximum benefit to the community and the taxpayers.