Mike Intag headshot

Mike Intag

Director of Business Development


Mike Intag has over 25 years of experience in the IP networking and electronic security industries. Having started his career in the field of system integration, he has gone on to work for numerous technology start-ups in the networking and security industries. In this capacity, Intag has held roles in system engineering, product management, sales, strategic partnerships and business development. More recently he has specialized in AI-enabled video analytics, having worked for BriefCam (acquired by Cannon) and now serving as director of business development at Evolon.

In his current role, Intag manages Evolon’s federal business program, which includes strategic partnerships with government contractors and research organizations such as Sandia National Laboratories. He holds a B.S. in communications from Missouri State University and an M.S. in technology commercialization from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.


Leveraging Video Analytics & AI for Perimeter Security

Wednesday, May 25th

The recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the accurate classification of people and vehicles have promised to eliminate false alarms that are frequently experienced in perimeter video surveillance systems. But is AI the silver bullet we have all been waiting for? And can we now enable real-time alerting without fear of false positives (nuisance alarms) or false negatives (missed events)?

This session will investigate the improvements that AI has made to video analytics and how they can be used to successfully provide real-time notifications of perimeter intrusion. We will also examine the reality of the “marketing claims” vs the true capabilities of the technology. Finally, we will discuss the best practices for designing and deploying a perimeter security solution that takes advantage of AI-trained classification while selecting the optimal camera type, layout and method of human engagement.