Randy Jump

End User Consultant



One School’s Quest to Secure Their School, Through Partnerships With Industry Experts and Outside Grant Funding

Wednesday, May 22nd

Studies and after-action reports have all shown that one particular measure is highly effective and predictive of saving lives during active threat situations in the education environment – the ability to lock down a facility and secure classroom doors from the interior of the space. While this single solution seems intuitive and simple, this is a complex endeavor to do so in a code compliant manner in accordance with the latest recommendations for school security. Adding to the complexity are funding challenges to completing the work.

In this case study, we will explore one school’s quest to secure their school with appropriate mechanical and electronic locks throughout while unifying and integrating their access control, intrusion detection system and video monitoring and explore the creative ways in which they were able to obtain over $500,000 in grants to fully fund the project. This project was completed in 2022, and the school is now operating with a fully functional system, paid for in cash with outside funding, ensuring they can initiate lockdown or other special case conditions instantaneously.