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Shaun Moore, the chief executive officer of Trueface and board member of Pangiam, is on a mission to make technology accessible, personal and trustworthy. He started 9 years ago, when he was 24, building one of the most recognized face recognition companies in the world and doing so by focusing on being transparent with the limitations of the software and the moral and ethical use of the technology. He sold Trueface to Pangiam in May of 2021 and continues to operate as the CEO of Trueface with a focus on providing equitable benefit to all through the use of technology and transparency in how bias affects algorithms.

Moore currently serves as a faculty member for the AI-Business School in Switzerland and is a contributor to the World Economic Forum’s Responsible Use of Facial Recognition for the Air Travel Industry. Trueface’s clients choose them because of their commitment to the responsible deployment of computer vision technology, and they want to ensure their businesses and customers are benefiting from the advancements of artificial intelligence.


New Technologies for Securing Government Facilities

Tuesday, September 21st

From advanced communications to biometrics to data analytics technology, innovation is providing greater capabilities for safeguarding government facilities and personnel. In this session, technology leaders from the security industry will discuss the relevance of emerging technologies to emergency communications, situational awareness, harm mitigation, weapons and anomaly detection and other capabilities critical to addressing increased threats to facilities.

Topics to Be Covered:

  • Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence
  • Leveraging 3D Facility Visualization
  • A New Framework for Insider Threat Mitigation