Stuart Rawling

Stuart Rawling

Vice President, Technology & Customer Engagement



Applying Cybersecurity Practices and Standards to Video Surveillance Systems Protecting Government Facilities

Tuesday, June 2nd


The cybersecurity landscape changes every day with threats to both new and legacy technology, making it difficult to know whether your physical security technology is creating a potential vulnerability for your network. It is crucial to understand what the real threats are and how to secure your systems from them. This session will review the major cyber threats from the last six months, explain their possible impact on the physical security industry and government facilities and explore emerging standards and methods to secure embedded video surveillance devices, such as IP cameras and network video recorders.

Related to IP video surveillance the session will explore the confluence of cybersecurity, new federal procurement rules and ONVIF conformance, and how these topics, individually and collectively, are impacting security and IT professionals involved in protecting government facilities. Presenters will introduce various technologies and features to specify for future upgrades that are specifically designed to enhance cybersecurity.