Walter Hasser

President and CEO

Active Security Consulting


How Autonomous Devices Are Transforming Security and Government Operations

Wednesday, May 22nd

This session will explore two aspects of using autonomous devices in security services and their evolving use by government agencies. First, it will examine the different ways government agencies are using sensor technologies and automated response to avoid placing human lives in danger. These automations are programmed to detect and deter potential hazards, both for overall safety and for perimeter security. Equipped with surveillance components, communications capabilities and protocols needed for human oversight, these applications serve as an additional piece to a comprehensive security solution. We will use a real-life scenario to show exactly how agencies are robots to protect executive personnel during a massive event.

Second, it will compare autonomous security devices powered by artificial intelligence with traditional human security guards, focusing on their objectivity and impartiality. This includes how autonomous devices can mitigate personal biases in making decisions, touching on the challenges of human bias in security operations. Important ethical considerations will be addressed, and we’ll discuss the future outlook for use of these technologies, and their potential to enhance fairness and equity in security operations.