William Braniff

William Braniff

Director National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)

University of Maryland, College Park


Integration of Safety and Security Into Public-Private Partnerships

Thursday, June 4th


The management of events with catastrophic impacts requires coordination between the public and private sectors. In order to be effective, these partnerships need to be forged long before an event occurs and should be underpinned by trust and a shared approach to risk assessment, situational awareness, risk mitigation, response and recovery. From a resilience perspective, Covid-19 has demonstrated how brittle we are and has made us more vulnerable to a range of other threats. This session aims to start a discussion about what ought to be achieved in the next 2 years to fundamentally improve the resilience of western nations, including the USA. The three imperatives outlined in the session will be the need for honest risk assessments, event agnostic resilience, and effective public private partnerships.